Saturday, August 7, 2010

Comments - who knew!!!

Hi everyone.

I just found everyone's comments. Thanks so much Heather for sending everyone over. I am going to have to check all of your blogs out.

We are all one big happy banded family. Thanks for the encouragement.

Working the band.

I went in for a fill last Thursday and didn't end getting one - Jeanine thinks my weight loss is going fine and we shouldn't mess with a good thing. I was fine with that, I lost 6 pounds in three weeks so I am averaging two pounds a week. I really don't want to lose more than that. Sounds strange, but I am really trying to do the slow and steady thing. Before, I have always wanted to lose as much as possible, but then I would get burnt out and fall off track. Granted, it is not as easy to fall off track with a band, it is still possible.

I have walked every night for at least one hour - sometimes more, but always one hour as a minimum. I can't remember the last time I didn't walk. It has been really hot and humid on those evening walks, sometimes my walking buddies quit on me a little early and I end up finishing the walk alone. That is okay too. I know what it is going to take for me to lose this weight and part of it is moving my butt - daily.

On Tuesday, it was so hot out that I took the dogs home after about 40 minutes, they didn't seem to be enjoying the walk at all. I think that they are getting healthier also since they are my main walking buddies. Even when I am not motivated they are nudging me along to leave the house.

At almost 50 pounds off, people are starting to comment about my weight loss. You know that you were really fat when it takes a 50 pound loss for someone to notice. Oh well, at least they are noticing now. And I appreciate the comments, it just helps keeping me motivated.

I am running out of smaller clothes to wear. I have always had the range of clothes from my previous yo-yo weight loss and gains, except now my low end range clothes are really baggy. I don't want to buy many new clothes since I am just passing through, so I will only buy clearance clothes that are under $10.00 and only enough to get me by. I have plenty of tops in wide ranges, its just that the pants are getting too big. What a great problem to have.

I am so blessed to be on this journey. I who never win anything, really took the mother-lode when I did win something. I am so appreciative of Dr. Rohrscheib and his staff, they are the best and always my biggest cheerleaders. I look forward to my fill dates just so I can visit with them. They are all so kind and caring.

As I am almost at four months with the band, I feel like I have a different perspective than when I first won. I originally thought it would be all band doing the work and me cruising alongside, but that is really so untrue. I have to work everyday to get healthier and thinner. The band is a tool, but I am definitely the carpenter using the tool. I could slack and the band would just be an apparatus in my body and not a weight loss tool. I have to plan my meals, my snacks and my exercise and I have to follow through, if I don't I will not lose a pound. And I WILL lose all my weight and keep it off this time.

So, an example of me using the tool, I journaled what I ate the last couple of weeks and saw that there were some unhealthy foods sneaking in more than they should, so I have eliminated those foods from my house. No more crackers or chips in the house. I never ate many, but I would eat two or three and those two or three will eventually catch up with me - so they are gone. Bob and Neal don't need them either, so it will be a good thing. The other thing that I have to watch is ice cream. I really don't even like ice cream, but since it has been so hot lately, I have had a little here and there, not more than one scoop, but again, I really don't like ice cream so why waste the calories when it is not something that I truly want. I walk too long each night to be eating wasted calories on something that I only sort of like. I know that sounds weird, but I think you get what I mean. It is good that there are really only two things that I need to be more careful with, so most of my food choices are good.

One of my favorite things to eat right now is Orange Jello Salad. I take a large container of low-fat cottage cheese, add a large package of sugar-free gelatin to it, stirring it up good. To that mixture I add one big can of drained crushed pineapple and one big can of mandarin oranges drained. Mix it up and add some low-fat or sugar free cool-whip. I let it set in the refrigerator overnight before I eat it the next day. It takes away any craving I have for something sweet. It also has protein and fruit in it. It is so yummy - and it really fills me up even when I don't eat a lot. You should try it sometime.

Well, I need to think about settling down for the night - busy day tomorrow. Lunch with Dad and all the family and then at 4:00 I have to go help paint the circle drive at the high school. I guess that we are also painting horse prints around town also. Hopefully it won't be too hot.

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you later.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Another fill another day.

I have been so busy and felt very guilty that I haven't updated lately. So, here goes.

I had my appointment for a fill on July 8th. I went in thinking that at most I would just get a little fill if at all. I still hadn't been able to eat much food and I got stuck alot. It was not fun. If I wasn't stuck I was sliming all over, which does not make for a good day.

Jeanine and I talked about what we thought should happen and she decided that maybe I should have a little more taken out. I really had not been able to eat any meat - I was living on soft foods and protein shakes. I really want to be able to eat as normal as possible, but much smaller quantities and that just wasn't happening the last time even with all my un-fills.

So, Jeanine took out about .40 cc(which I think brought me down to about 3.80 or 3.90 ccs in my band) and told me to go and eat some protein. Which I did - and then a little more. I felt so much better and I could eat without the terrible side effects of a too tight band. It was very nice, well maybe too nice.

When I was weighed on the 8th I had only lost about 4 more pounds from the last time I had been unfilled(the Monday at the Clinton office). I know that it is a good amount but considering what I had been losing with my first fill I was a little disappointed. And now that I had less restriction, I was eating more than 1/2 to one cup of food. I knew that it would not be good if I didn't get a little more added to my band.

On July 12th I called the office and asked if I could get in for a small fill, they had an opening on Thursday morning so I just had to be careful what I ate between Monday and Thursday. I did not want to gain any of what I had worked so hard to lose. I bumped up my exercise some more and tried to drink liquids when I was hungry. And I was hungry. I hadn't felt hungry since a little after my surgery. It was strange, I really do love my Band. I like the no hunger part the best and feeling hungry in the evenings was not what I wanted.

I made it to the 15th without too much difficulty, although I was a little hesitant to get on the scale. I don't know if I gained or I lost - I don't remember what my weight was when I was there on the 8th.

Jeanine came in and we talked about how much I should get. I really just wanted to get up to where I was after my first fill. I felt that amount of restriction was just right for me. I got .20 cc's put in my band and was hoping it was enough.

I felt good and nothing was getting stuck or I wasn't sliming too much. (I really still need to slow down my eating).

This morning I weighed and I am down 4 pounds from last Thursday's weigh in. I am eating enough protein and veggies and my body is one happy camper. Who would of thought that I may have reached my "sweet spot" on my first fill - and we fiddled with it when it didn't need fiddling with. Karen told me that I just may be one of those people who are sensitive to the band and don't need much added. That would be fine by me.

I am still exercising one half hour in the morning and an hour at night and I feel so good when I do that. Exercise is definitely becoming my friend. My friend Lisa and I walk every evening with the dogs, catching up about our days and enjoying the summer weather. It is very nice to spend that time with her and be outdoors. I would never have thought even six months ago, that I would enjoy walking and exercising as much as I do now.

My clothes are starting to get really baggy and I will probably need to buy some soon, but I hope to wait it out until I need cooler weather clothes. A belt is definitely in order most days now. I just tried on a pair of sweats and they fell down, yeah me.

I am just so happy that I am on this journey. Yes, there are days when it is hard. I wish that I could still eat some foods that I know will no longer work in my life (My sister Mona's homemade rolls), but in the end I have to end my love affair with food. That is part of the reason that I was as heavy as I was. Food means love to me and I always wanted to feel loved. I can live without rolls and other breads and I will live longer because of it.

If you are reading this because you are thinking of the band, then I say "Go For It" life is for living not eating. If you are doing the same journey as me, you understand what I am saying. So, have a great night and tell your family how much you love them. We are not guaranteed tomorrow - so let them know today that they are the loves of your life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello, anybody out there?

I am sorry that I haven't written much lately, life has been a little busy.

I definitely did not feel well after my second fill and it really took me a while to get back in the swing of things. I actually thought that I was going to have to go back and have more taken out. I didn't have too and I am grateful for that.

My next fill is next Thursday. I forgot the date and scheduled a Pampered Chef Party for the same night. So, I will be having people over and not eating anything that is fixed. Generally, after a fill I am not hungry for a while so that will take the temptation away. Plus laughing with your friends is just as good as eating.

I think for this next fill I am only going to get a 1/4 cc and see how I do, that is if they let me do that. Then make another appointment for only two weeks out and see if I can handle more.

For the two weeks after my fill, I really had no energy and slacked off on exercising. I know that I shouldn't have, but I just couldn't do it. I am now back to exercising daily and the scale has started moving again. I am down two pounds in the last two days. Let's see if it goes back down tomorrow.

So, the lesson that I have learned is this: If I do not exercise, I will not lose weight. Very simple, but very true. I have to move for at least 60 minutes a day to get the reward of the scale going down. I can do that, just put my mind to it and realize I have to help the band help me.

Friends are asking if I regret the band considering the problems I have had lately. I answer them - it's not easy but it is the best thing I can do for myself. The band is my partner and I have to show it the respect it deserves. And as a partner I have to carry my end of the bargain and that is movement.

That ah-hah moment is very much appreciated. Move your butt, Deena. I got it now.

Walked the dogs for fifty minutes tonight and then took a half hour back ride. I peddled the entire time, no coasting for me. My legs can feel it, too. Mona gave me her bike when she moved and I rode it tonight. It is like "Tubby" from my youth. Big seat for my butt and big tires. It rode so smooth. Thank you Mona.

We have hardly been home these last two weeks. Since Neal dislocated his knee cap, we have been to many doctors appointments and now are going to physical therapy three times a week. His knee is getting better slowly but surely, so that is a good thing. He really wants to play football this fall, I am just not so sure. What's a mom to do?

I am off to bed now, I have tomorrow off and have lots of house chores to do. All bedding is being washed and hung on the line. Nothing smells better than freshly dried sheets. Dogs need baths and I need to weed the garden and water all the plants. Then, I get to clean house. We are having a cook out on Saturday evening and I want the house to look at least a little presentable.

Hopefully, when I get up tomorrow I will have lost a little more weight. It would be a good way to start the holiday weekend, giving me motivation to eat the right foods. I'll let you know.

Have a great Independence Day. God Bless America!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Second Fill a little bit of a struggle.

Yesterday, I went in for my second fill. I had lost 12 pounds since my first fill, yay!!!!

Jeanine put in 1.5 ccs. I could swallow water and everything seemed fine. I went back to work and could not swallow anything. I was spitting up saliva and anything I tried to drink. It was awful. I hate getting sick even though what I was doing is not really throwing up. I called the doctor's office and they had me come in for a little un-fill. I went down to only having an addition 1 cc put in. I could swallow and felt a little better.

I left there and went home. Again, I tried to drink something and nothing would go down at all. I was feeling miserable. I called the doctor's office back at 3:30 and they said they would wait for me to get there (they close at 4:00). I made it there in pretty good time. I got there before 4:00. This time Dr. R. came in and put me under the fluoroscope and had me drink some barium. Nothing went down at all. So he removed another .5 cc. You could see that the barium went down. I felt so much better. I left and went home.

About 5:30 I tried to drink an Atkins protein shake, just to get some more protein in for the day. Nothing. Not a thing would go down. I kept trying and it kept coming up. I finally admitted defeat for the night. I went to bed, hoping that it would be better in the morning.

This morning I got up and took a little sip of tea and IT WENT DOWN. I was so excited. I took very small sips and it seemed to be okay. I got ready and came in to work. I starting sipping on an Atkins shake and it seems to be going down, slowly, and in very small sips but it is going down. What a great feeling.

I think that I am going to stay on liquids through the weekend, just to make sure that all is okay.

This band is a wonderful thing, but it definitely takes some tweaking for me to figure it all out.

So, I am so happy with how far I have come so far. I have lost 32 pounds since my consultation, they weighted me yesterday. My scale this morning shows another three pounds, but I am not going to count it since it was probably all spit.

On to another great day.

Talk to you later.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Haven't been on for a while.

I haven't been on here for a while, so I thought I would catch up with how I am doing.

As of today I have lost 30 total pounds (according to my scale) from when I found out that I had won. Woo hoo to me.

I got my first fill almost three weeks ago and I could definitely tell the difference. I still struggle with bite size, but am working on that. I get my next fill on Thursday the 10th. Let's see how that works with quantity of food.

I don't eat as much as before my first fill and that is great. I also think that I am making better food choices.

My eyes still think that I can eat as much as I did before the band, so I end up with lots of left overs or throw aways. One night I made taco salad at home and fixed a plate full of food. Bob told me right when he saw it that I would not be able to eat that much, and he was so right. A few bites and I was done. Although my eyes deceive me the band does not. When I am done eating my band lets me know even if I think that I can eat more --- I really can't.

Neal and I went to Chicago last Wednesday and Thursday for his 8th grade graduation. He had all these restaurants that he wanted to eat at, and since it was his celebration I let him choose. His first restaurant was Pizano's, they have the best pizza. I knew that I would not be able to eat it and was okay with that. I ordered Chicken Tortellini soup, which was chicken broth with onions, celery and tortellinis. It was a very light soup and I had no problem eating it. I had some garlic bread too, not much, but soaked it in the broth and it was okay.

Since we ate late afternoon, we didn't have supper and I was fine with that. Had a little snack in the room and went to bed early.

Next morning we went out for breakfast at this diner and I had two eggs over easy. Who would think that it took me 30 minutes to eat two eggs? Well, it did. They were good, but it took a long time. My band is tighter in the morning and I usually just have a protein shake, but wasn't able to do that in Chicago.

For lunch he wanted Chipotle. I had a burrito bowl and only ate the beans, chicken, cheese and guacamole. It went down fine and filled me up.

They may have not been the best food choices, but they worked for what Neal wanted. I generally eat protein and veggies, but sometimes you just have to improvise.

I have been exercising regularly and I think that is what is helping my weight loss. I still have plantar fasciitis in my right foot, but I just deal with the pain so I can get the exercising in. The orthotics are definitely not doing what they are supposed to.

I have A LOT more energy now that I am losing weight. I am starting projects around the house that I would never have done last summer. There is a lot of landscaping going on. I will be glad when I get it the way I like it.

Well, the dryer just buzzed, need to go change loads.

Have a great week and I will talk to you soon.


Friday, May 21, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!!!!

I was whining yesterday about my stomach hurting, but this morning when I woke up it was gone (finally).

I really did not like the Milk of Magnesia but it did what it was supposed to. I was up half the night but I really feel soooooooo much better.

I stayed on liquids all day yesterday and until this evening and then tried a little chicken noodle soup. I am obviously not quite ready for that yet. I am back to liquids for another day or so. I got stuck really BAD. The sliming is the worse. Yuck-o!!!! My own fault, but still painful none the less. And it took forever to go away. I just took too big of a bite. I know better, but I guess each time I do this I will be one step closer to remembering all the rules all the time.

Tomorrow morning is breakfast with Dad, Miss Alice, Mona, Katy, Matt, Becky, Holly, Neal and I. It will be lots of fun. I just don't think that I am going to eat anything at the Original House of Pancakes. I thought maybe I would have a poached egg, but after tonight, I will just drink my protein shake before I go and be happy that I am not hungry.

Right now, I feel so good. Better than I have since I started this experience. Who knows why, but I am so thankful for all of it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haven't been around for awhile.

I know that I haven't posted for awhile, but May always seems to be so busy. The students are leaving the houses, the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors and also the end of Neal's school year.

I am still figuring out this wonderful tool that I was gifted. Sometimes it seems to work smoothly, but other times not so good.

I have felt like someone has been stabbing me in the belly button since last Monday. I figured that it had to do with me not being able to go to the bathroom (if you know what I mean).

Well, I saw the Nurse Practitioner today for my first fill (yeah!!!) and she recommended a laxative. Well, I took it and now things are clean as a whistle, but my stomach is still hurting. Hopefully, it will work its self out, otherwise I will be visiting the doctor next week.

As I said before, I got my first fill today, very happy about that. I had been getting hungry and doing the kitchen crawl. I am sure that I have been eating more than I did right after surgery, but way less than I did before the Lap Band.

I have had two Atkins shakes since I had my fill, I can't say that I am hungry, which is a good thing.

The fill itself was simple and painless. A little stick and then it is over. I now have 4cc's in my band and go back in 3 weeks for another fill. It could have been two weeks but I am taking Neal to Chicago for his 8th grade graduation gift.

I also exercised here at home tonight. I did one of the Biggest Loser DVDs. I really like the video. I work up a sweat but don't feel like I am killing myself. I really need to step up the exercising to really make sure I am doing all I can on this journey.

So, I am on liquids for the next two days and then onto mushies. I may stay on liquids a little longer if my stomach pain doesn't go away. Hopefully, it is nothing but my body getting used to the band.

The dryer just went off, so I need to go fold clothes. I will check back in a little later this week and update you on my stomach. Prayers for the pain to go away.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Figuring out this tool.

Everything that I have read on forums and heard from the doctor is that the lap-band is a tool and I have to use it. What I have noticed is that I have to figure out how to use it. Right now I feel that I am failing miserably.

I was told that I could start eating food last Thursday and since then, I have had a heck of a hard time figuring out how much to eat and what size and how to make it not hurt.

The first thing that I learned is that when it hurts and it doesn't feel like something is going down DO NOT take a drink to try and wash it down. It just makes it hurt worse and for a longer period. I am sure that I was told not to do that, but common sense made me think that I could just help it along. It does not work and you would think that I would learn that after the first time, but no, I did it twice more. I guess that I am a slow learner.

The next thing that I am trying to figure out is how much is enough. Sometimes, just one bite more puts me way over the top of fullness, but I didn't feel full the bite before. So, now I am slowing down and thinking about each bite before I proceed. It is really hard fine tuning this thing and this is without any fill in my band.

I am also trying to figure out bite size. I think that I am still taking too big of bites and then it hurts right away. This morning one bite of scrambled egg had me spitting for over thirty minutes. It just wouldn't move and I was really not sure what to do. I couldn't even take Neal to school because I was afraid that I would have to spit out even more saliva.

Yesterday, I took too big of a drink at work and then for the next hour felt like I had to burp and couldn't. I guess that truly small and smaller are the way to go.

My point of all this - this is a tool, it is not an easy fix and I have to figure it out. I have to learn the band's personality and then go along with it. I think that once I figure it out I will be fine, but it is definitely baby steps on getting there. I have to pay attention to my body and the band and treat it with respect or it is going to kick me right in the breast bone every time.

I still am glad that I got the band, very happy actually. I just have to learn how to drive it. It's like I am learning to drive a manual transmission car all over again. You have to know when to let the clutch in and out and be coordinated - that is what I am having to do with the band.

Life is so good, I am so blessed. God is great, all the time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Post Op Visit

I know that I haven't been on for a while, but I am really feeling good now. It took me a couple of days, but I have to say it wasn't so bad.

I went off the pain medicine on Wednesday and stuck with Liquid Tylenol and the pain really wasn't bad. The protein shakes filled me up and I wasn't hungry at first. I didn't really start getting hungry until Saturday. And I have gotten hungry lately.

I can sleep on either side or even on my stomach and have no pain. It's been that way since Tuesday. I really like sleeping on my left side and that is where my port is. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep on that side for a while, but it really wasn't very long at all.

So, I went to the doctor's office today for my post op visit. It went well. I have lost 20 pounds since my first visit at Olympian Surgical Suites. Yeah, me.

I still have to say that the staff there are the nicest I have ever met in any medical office. They go out of their way to make sure you are getting what you need. It is a wonderful place.

I get to move on to soft foods today. I am so excited. I have been REALLY hungry about 3:00 each day. I can't find anything that sounds good to eat and a protein shake just doesn't cut it. But now, I will have a protein shake for breakfast and maybe lunch and then I can have soft food for dinner. I am so looking forward to that.

I need to exercise more, but my foot is still hurting from the plantar fasciitis and the podiatrist sent off my orthotic to try and get it to fit better. I guess I will try riding my bike this weekend when it isn't raining. I will find something that I can do.

Lisa is coming down with Gretchy and Daisy and Rosy are going to get their exercise. My doggies sure love her doggy.

Talk to you soon.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Day Post-Op

Yesterday was my big day. Got to the surgery center at 7:15 and was taken right back. The nurses Terry, Julie and Becky were the best. Calmed me down and Becky got my IV going on the first stick.

I was taken into the surgery suite at 8:07 and the next thing I know I am being told to take deep breaths my oxygen sat was low. It was 10:00. By ten after I was up and going to the bathroom. I was out the door on my way home by 10:30ish. Home in my recliner by 11:00.

I slept on and off yesterday and walked outside a little since it was such a beautiful day. Not too much, but enough to enjoy it.

At 10:00 last night I decided that I would try sleeping in my bed. Well, that didn't last too long. It hurt too much trying to set up and get comfortable. So, I went back to the recliner. I think that I didn't sleep well last night because of all the sleep I got during the day. Oh well, I made up for it today.

Today, I feel much worse than I did yesterday. I just feel achy all over, like I lost a fight or over exercised. I didn't take any pain medication after my 11:00 dose last night. I switched over to Liquid Tylenol. I don't like how those pain killers make me feel. I would rather be a little sore than feeling all weird. It also made my nose itch, which I can't stand. So, it has been Tylenol today and I am getting by.

I didn't get the pain in my shoulder that others have complained about. That is a true blessing. I have had that pain before and it really hurts. Dr. R. did a great job.

I am looking forward to feeling a little better each day. I really thought that I would be able to go back to work tomorrow, but I really don't see that happening. Maybe Friday.

I can't believe that I already have the band. I really don't notice any difference in drinking. I don't really feel any type of restriction yet. I will ask about that next week at my post-op visit. Or maybe I will be able to tell a little more tomorrow when I go on full liquids. Hard to believe that I am looking forward to soup. I really haven't been hungry yet. I am getting in my liquids as required today and will see how the next step goes.

Well, I think I am going to go relax in the recliner for a while.

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Hit a Wall.

Yesterday was my 10th day on the pre-op diet. It was the worse day ever. When I woke up I felt very lethargic and just not myself. I thought that I needed something in my stomach so I did my protein shake. Well, that didn't help.

I went off to work hoping it would pass, but it didn't. When I got off work I went to the grocery store on the way home and bought some fresh steak. I went home cooked it up and ate it hoping that it would help. I also had a small salad. That didn't help either. So, the only option left, was to take a nap to see if that helped. With the dogs barking I really didn't get much rest, there was too much going on outside for the dogs to be quiet. I laid around from about 3:00 until 4:30 and then got up. And.............. I felt a little better. Not the greatest, but it could have been much worse.

I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day. I just didn't want to chance it would make me feel worse. Went to bed and finally fell asleep about 11:00. Waking up this morning I felt 100 percent better. I am so glad.

When all this was going on yesterday I was questioning whether I could do all this or would this be how my life was. I could not imagine being tired all the time and having no energy. I am glad that is passed and hope that it doesn't happen again.

4 days from now I should be at home recovering from my lap-band surgery. Yeahhhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hanging In There

Just had dinner - this is the end of my second day and I am doing okay. I really like that I get dinner. At first, I didn't think that I got food other than the protein shakes - I'm glad that I was wrong.

I get a little bit of meat, veggies and starch. That makes me not hungry for the night. I get a little hungry in the afternoon, but I have a yogurt in the afternoon and it actually takes away my hunger.

I really notice food commercials now, I don't think that I noticed them that much before. I just do something else so I don't think about food. I think that the key to success in the pre-op part is to keep busy and not think about what you feel that you are missing.

All this is so worth it, I really can't wait for my surgery day and then beyond.

I have so much support from my family, co-workers and friends, every step of the way they are supportive - I think that really helps. My sister, Mona, and my friend, Franci, call to make sure that I am doing okay. I really appreciate all the kind words that everyone is sharing with me.

With their help, God and my own determination this is going to change my life. I am so looking forward to the journey.

Well, it is time to go walk the dogs. Have a great night.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Last day of food for a while.

This morning I went and had my pre-op lab work done. EKG and blood tests, hopefully that all goes well. The blood work part was a little painful. The nurse tried to get blood out of my right arm but said that my veins kept jumping, so she dug around for a little while, then I had a really bad pain and she said that she had hit my tendon. Youch. She switched to my left arm and had no problem. I now know to start with the left.

Today is my last day of real food for a while. I start the pre-op diet tomorrow. I will be having protein shakes and can have some food in the evening 3 ounces of meat and four ounces of vegetables.

I went to lunch with Karen today and we had Dos. It was my last time with chips and salsa for a very long time.

I am really excited that I am now starting my liquid pre-op diet - it means that I am that much closer to my surgery date.

I also did a video blog today and seeing it made me that much happier that I am going to be getting a new tool to help me lose my weight and keep it off. Man, it was not a pretty sight. Oh well, tomorrow is a new beginning and I am so excited.

Yeah, me. How blessed I am. Thank you to Dr. R. and his staff for giving me this opportunity. I will never be able to repay them for all they are doing for me. I will not waste this opportunity.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Had my pre-op appointment!!!!!

My pre-op appointment was on March 16th.

I went in and met with Karen, Dr. R's nurse - she is so nice and positive it is always nice to see her. I told her that I thought my blood pressure might be a little high since we were packing and getting everything ready for vacation (leaving right after my appt.); but to my surprise it was normal and so was my pulse. Thank you father for your genes in all that.

I then met with the nurse practitioner, Jeanine. She was so helpful in explaining the order in which everything will happen. We talked about food before and after and talked about success. That is what I am looking forward to. Being successful all the way to goal. Not being close, but slow and steady and winning this battle that I can't seem to win. She explained the actual procedure and where I would have cuts in my stomach. Also, told me my port site might hurt longer than the other incisions.

Sometimes, I feel that I need to be pinched. I can't believe that I won. What a chance for a new life for me - not that my life now is anything but wonderful, but free from the fat that has held me back for a long, long time.

I sometimes sit and think about all this and feel so blessed and then I think wow, do I have alot of accountability built into winning this. People will be watching and I don't want to waste this chance.

Food and me will have a totally different relationship when this is all done. I will be full on a little food and won't have to think about it nearly as much. I am sure that there will be head hunger, but I will get past that and work my way to a healthy relationship with food.

I also got my surgery time. I need to be there at 7:15 and my surgery is 8:00; the first surgery of the day. I should be home by afternoon and out walking a little by evening. I need to keep moving to help move the gas from the laparoscopic surgery out of my body and also to avoid blood clots. The more you move the better off you are.

Time to go out and enjoy this cold, windy Florida weather - who would think that it is warmer in Illinois than it is here. It is supposed to be much warmer the next few days, so here to warmer weather and sunshine.

Talk to you soon.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Even more excited - is that possible?

I went for my consultation today with Dr. Rohrscheib. Everyone there is so nice, they couldn't be more helpful.

I met with Dr. R. and he explained the surgery to me and all the risks. He explained how the band worked and answered all my questions. I thought I knew most of it, but he really did a good job of explaining everything. He made me feel better when he told me that the odds of losing all the weight I need to without surgical intervention was quite small. Your body can only diet for so long and then it sort of stops on its own. Not that it can't be done, just really a challenge.

I met with the nutritionist and she explained my future eating to me, including the two week pre-op. I get a little food in the evening but it is mainly the protein shakes. I have my mind set that I can do this. I want to help the doctor be successful, so I will stick to the pre-op diet.

It won't be long now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomorrow is my consultation.

My consultation date has finally arrived. Tomorrow at 2:15 I will find out more information and share it all with you.

It's hard to believe that my surgery is only 37 days away.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The shock of winning has worn off a little and I have been reflecting a little bit about what this means to me. After April 20th my life will be so different - well at least parts of it.

At first, food will be a big piece of it because I will have to learn how to eat differently. Small amounts will be it for me. I won't be over eating. I will have to make good choices with the small amount that I will be eating. Protein first, then veggies/fruit and then carbs. And I will be eating only about 1/2 cup of food at a time, so the choices I make will be very important. As most things go, I will have to focus on the changes at first, but later they will become second nature.

I still haven't told everyone I know about the surgery. Isn't it strange, I would prefer to tell strangers about it than friends and family. Strangers (or acquaintances) don't really have a vested interest in me so they don't really have an opinion. Friends and family always have an opinion and sometimes it is not one you want to hear.

I am very excited about this, but worry that friends/family will think that I am taking the easy way out. Although, there is no way that I think that this is the easy way out. There is a lot of change that is going to coming my way. My brother, when I told him was so excited and supportive it was no nice. He couldn't of said nicer things. My sister, Mona, was also great - she is always my biggest cheerleader. Dad and Miss Alice only worry that I will be safe, but isn't that what parents are all about. I love that about them.

Other friends that I have told go straight to dread. Talk about all the bad things that they have "heard". I just explain to them that this is the safest way to go and helps with life-style changes. Again, I tell them that I am happy about this and hope they will support my decision. It's their choice to support me, or their choice not to hear from me. I need support and affirmations not dread and fretting.

My life is so good and I have so many blessings, that I can't believe that I am even getting this opportunity. I will always be so grateful to WHMS and the Illinois Bariatric Surgery Center.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One step leads to another

In January, my local radio station (WHMS, 97.5) advertised a contest for a New Year, New You Makeover. The winner of the contest would win the Lap Band Surgery and one year of follow-up care from Dr. Sidney Rohrschreib, of Illinois Bariatric Surgery and Olympian Surgical Suites in Champaign, IL. I had to fill out a questionnaire and sort of an essay to enter. I was really excited that there was even an opportunity like this and I went straight to the web site to enter.

I didn't think that I had a chance to win, but you can't win if you don't try.

On Monday of this week, I received a phone call and found out that I was one of six finalists. I really got excited. I made an appointment for Thursday to come in and meet everyone. I also had to talk to the nurse practitioner to see if I was eligible. At my appointment, I was so impressed with all the staff. They were all so nice and very positive about everything. I left there thinking that I had to win or I would be so disappointed.

So, today at 1:00 they announced the winner on the air and......................... I won. What a gift. I am so thankful to everyone involved. I am going to get a chance at a new life with a lot less weight on me.

I know that it will be a lot of work and it will only be effective as I make it, but I am very excited.

When they announced my name, I was speechless, then I cried a little and then I called my sister. I could not believe it. Even now, it seems a little surreal.

I called Dr. Rohrschreib's office to find out the next step. Well, my consultation is on March 8, 2010 and my surgery is scheduled for April 20th, my birthday. What a great way to start a new birth year.

So, everyone, please pray for me that this journey will not be filled with obstacles and that I can do all that is required of me. I will not waste this gift that has been given to me.

I probably won't post as much until I have my consultation and find out all that I have to do. I will update this site so everyone knows how my journey is proceeding.

Woo Hoo and a big yippee!!!!! Life is good.