Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Figuring out this tool.

Everything that I have read on forums and heard from the doctor is that the lap-band is a tool and I have to use it. What I have noticed is that I have to figure out how to use it. Right now I feel that I am failing miserably.

I was told that I could start eating food last Thursday and since then, I have had a heck of a hard time figuring out how much to eat and what size and how to make it not hurt.

The first thing that I learned is that when it hurts and it doesn't feel like something is going down DO NOT take a drink to try and wash it down. It just makes it hurt worse and for a longer period. I am sure that I was told not to do that, but common sense made me think that I could just help it along. It does not work and you would think that I would learn that after the first time, but no, I did it twice more. I guess that I am a slow learner.

The next thing that I am trying to figure out is how much is enough. Sometimes, just one bite more puts me way over the top of fullness, but I didn't feel full the bite before. So, now I am slowing down and thinking about each bite before I proceed. It is really hard fine tuning this thing and this is without any fill in my band.

I am also trying to figure out bite size. I think that I am still taking too big of bites and then it hurts right away. This morning one bite of scrambled egg had me spitting for over thirty minutes. It just wouldn't move and I was really not sure what to do. I couldn't even take Neal to school because I was afraid that I would have to spit out even more saliva.

Yesterday, I took too big of a drink at work and then for the next hour felt like I had to burp and couldn't. I guess that truly small and smaller are the way to go.

My point of all this - this is a tool, it is not an easy fix and I have to figure it out. I have to learn the band's personality and then go along with it. I think that once I figure it out I will be fine, but it is definitely baby steps on getting there. I have to pay attention to my body and the band and treat it with respect or it is going to kick me right in the breast bone every time.

I still am glad that I got the band, very happy actually. I just have to learn how to drive it. It's like I am learning to drive a manual transmission car all over again. You have to know when to let the clutch in and out and be coordinated - that is what I am having to do with the band.

Life is so good, I am so blessed. God is great, all the time.

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