Monday, July 19, 2010

Another fill another day.

I have been so busy and felt very guilty that I haven't updated lately. So, here goes.

I had my appointment for a fill on July 8th. I went in thinking that at most I would just get a little fill if at all. I still hadn't been able to eat much food and I got stuck alot. It was not fun. If I wasn't stuck I was sliming all over, which does not make for a good day.

Jeanine and I talked about what we thought should happen and she decided that maybe I should have a little more taken out. I really had not been able to eat any meat - I was living on soft foods and protein shakes. I really want to be able to eat as normal as possible, but much smaller quantities and that just wasn't happening the last time even with all my un-fills.

So, Jeanine took out about .40 cc(which I think brought me down to about 3.80 or 3.90 ccs in my band) and told me to go and eat some protein. Which I did - and then a little more. I felt so much better and I could eat without the terrible side effects of a too tight band. It was very nice, well maybe too nice.

When I was weighed on the 8th I had only lost about 4 more pounds from the last time I had been unfilled(the Monday at the Clinton office). I know that it is a good amount but considering what I had been losing with my first fill I was a little disappointed. And now that I had less restriction, I was eating more than 1/2 to one cup of food. I knew that it would not be good if I didn't get a little more added to my band.

On July 12th I called the office and asked if I could get in for a small fill, they had an opening on Thursday morning so I just had to be careful what I ate between Monday and Thursday. I did not want to gain any of what I had worked so hard to lose. I bumped up my exercise some more and tried to drink liquids when I was hungry. And I was hungry. I hadn't felt hungry since a little after my surgery. It was strange, I really do love my Band. I like the no hunger part the best and feeling hungry in the evenings was not what I wanted.

I made it to the 15th without too much difficulty, although I was a little hesitant to get on the scale. I don't know if I gained or I lost - I don't remember what my weight was when I was there on the 8th.

Jeanine came in and we talked about how much I should get. I really just wanted to get up to where I was after my first fill. I felt that amount of restriction was just right for me. I got .20 cc's put in my band and was hoping it was enough.

I felt good and nothing was getting stuck or I wasn't sliming too much. (I really still need to slow down my eating).

This morning I weighed and I am down 4 pounds from last Thursday's weigh in. I am eating enough protein and veggies and my body is one happy camper. Who would of thought that I may have reached my "sweet spot" on my first fill - and we fiddled with it when it didn't need fiddling with. Karen told me that I just may be one of those people who are sensitive to the band and don't need much added. That would be fine by me.

I am still exercising one half hour in the morning and an hour at night and I feel so good when I do that. Exercise is definitely becoming my friend. My friend Lisa and I walk every evening with the dogs, catching up about our days and enjoying the summer weather. It is very nice to spend that time with her and be outdoors. I would never have thought even six months ago, that I would enjoy walking and exercising as much as I do now.

My clothes are starting to get really baggy and I will probably need to buy some soon, but I hope to wait it out until I need cooler weather clothes. A belt is definitely in order most days now. I just tried on a pair of sweats and they fell down, yeah me.

I am just so happy that I am on this journey. Yes, there are days when it is hard. I wish that I could still eat some foods that I know will no longer work in my life (My sister Mona's homemade rolls), but in the end I have to end my love affair with food. That is part of the reason that I was as heavy as I was. Food means love to me and I always wanted to feel loved. I can live without rolls and other breads and I will live longer because of it.

If you are reading this because you are thinking of the band, then I say "Go For It" life is for living not eating. If you are doing the same journey as me, you understand what I am saying. So, have a great night and tell your family how much you love them. We are not guaranteed tomorrow - so let them know today that they are the loves of your life.

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