Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have not been on here forever!!!

Hi everyone,

I know that it has been ages since I have posted, but life has been great and busy. I am finishing up my degree at Parkland and I took three classes last semester and it really kicked my butt. They were all labor extensive classes and more than I bargained for. However, I only have two more classes to take this semester and then I have my Associates degree and only need about 25 hours to finish up my Bachelor's degree.

So much in my life has changed since I had my surgery and the best part is that I have so much energy now that I am always busy. I exercise every day and sometimes twice a day. I rarely sit down and watch television because there are so many other things I would rather do than sit on my behind and I believe that it is all because of my lap-band. I LOVE IT still.

When I started this journey, my thinking about the band was very different than what it is today. I have had to work hard to lose this weight and would never have been able to without the band taking away the physical hunger. The head hunger was what I have had to deal with. I still love food and that was one thing that I had to work through. I don't need much food for my body and I don't need food for my head either. It has taken me awhile to learn that lesson, but it is one that I have figured out for the most part.

During one of my visits with Dr. Rohrscheib I talked to him about eating three meals a day and thinking that was a lot more food than I needed. He gave me the best advice ever- if I am not hungry, don't eat. It was that simple. I don't have to eat three meals a day if I don't want to. My body will tell me when I need food and it also tells me when I am thirsty; sometimes I have to listen carefully to what my body is telling me.

I have now lost 80 pounds and feel great. The weight comes off more slowly now even though I work out more and move more, but that is okay. I didn't get fat overnight and I won't get thin over night. I will keep plugging along no matter how long it takes. I love how I feel and that is what makes me keep on wanting to continue this journey.

Of course, there are days when I wish that I could eat a big ole' steak or a homemade roll, but those are really few and far between. The foods that I can't have are not really a focus, it is more about getting the best fuel in my body. I can tell energy wise when I have not made the best food choices, and I have to rethink what I will eat next. Everyone has off days, but there are less of those now.

I think part of my motivation is also the fact that many people know about my journey. I have done two radio commercials and now a television commercial and people are very aware of my journey. I want them to say "Wow" she is doing great, not "Poor Deena" still couldn't do it.

I am so appreciative still of winning this contest, that I will NOT GO BACK to where I was. The Illinois Bariatric Center believed in me and I won't let them down.

Talk to you all soon. We are in the midst of a blizzard and the lights keep flickering. Stay safe and I promise I will be back on again soon.