Sunday, June 6, 2010

Haven't been on for a while.

I haven't been on here for a while, so I thought I would catch up with how I am doing.

As of today I have lost 30 total pounds (according to my scale) from when I found out that I had won. Woo hoo to me.

I got my first fill almost three weeks ago and I could definitely tell the difference. I still struggle with bite size, but am working on that. I get my next fill on Thursday the 10th. Let's see how that works with quantity of food.

I don't eat as much as before my first fill and that is great. I also think that I am making better food choices.

My eyes still think that I can eat as much as I did before the band, so I end up with lots of left overs or throw aways. One night I made taco salad at home and fixed a plate full of food. Bob told me right when he saw it that I would not be able to eat that much, and he was so right. A few bites and I was done. Although my eyes deceive me the band does not. When I am done eating my band lets me know even if I think that I can eat more --- I really can't.

Neal and I went to Chicago last Wednesday and Thursday for his 8th grade graduation. He had all these restaurants that he wanted to eat at, and since it was his celebration I let him choose. His first restaurant was Pizano's, they have the best pizza. I knew that I would not be able to eat it and was okay with that. I ordered Chicken Tortellini soup, which was chicken broth with onions, celery and tortellinis. It was a very light soup and I had no problem eating it. I had some garlic bread too, not much, but soaked it in the broth and it was okay.

Since we ate late afternoon, we didn't have supper and I was fine with that. Had a little snack in the room and went to bed early.

Next morning we went out for breakfast at this diner and I had two eggs over easy. Who would think that it took me 30 minutes to eat two eggs? Well, it did. They were good, but it took a long time. My band is tighter in the morning and I usually just have a protein shake, but wasn't able to do that in Chicago.

For lunch he wanted Chipotle. I had a burrito bowl and only ate the beans, chicken, cheese and guacamole. It went down fine and filled me up.

They may have not been the best food choices, but they worked for what Neal wanted. I generally eat protein and veggies, but sometimes you just have to improvise.

I have been exercising regularly and I think that is what is helping my weight loss. I still have plantar fasciitis in my right foot, but I just deal with the pain so I can get the exercising in. The orthotics are definitely not doing what they are supposed to.

I have A LOT more energy now that I am losing weight. I am starting projects around the house that I would never have done last summer. There is a lot of landscaping going on. I will be glad when I get it the way I like it.

Well, the dryer just buzzed, need to go change loads.

Have a great week and I will talk to you soon.


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