Friday, June 11, 2010

Second Fill a little bit of a struggle.

Yesterday, I went in for my second fill. I had lost 12 pounds since my first fill, yay!!!!

Jeanine put in 1.5 ccs. I could swallow water and everything seemed fine. I went back to work and could not swallow anything. I was spitting up saliva and anything I tried to drink. It was awful. I hate getting sick even though what I was doing is not really throwing up. I called the doctor's office and they had me come in for a little un-fill. I went down to only having an addition 1 cc put in. I could swallow and felt a little better.

I left there and went home. Again, I tried to drink something and nothing would go down at all. I was feeling miserable. I called the doctor's office back at 3:30 and they said they would wait for me to get there (they close at 4:00). I made it there in pretty good time. I got there before 4:00. This time Dr. R. came in and put me under the fluoroscope and had me drink some barium. Nothing went down at all. So he removed another .5 cc. You could see that the barium went down. I felt so much better. I left and went home.

About 5:30 I tried to drink an Atkins protein shake, just to get some more protein in for the day. Nothing. Not a thing would go down. I kept trying and it kept coming up. I finally admitted defeat for the night. I went to bed, hoping that it would be better in the morning.

This morning I got up and took a little sip of tea and IT WENT DOWN. I was so excited. I took very small sips and it seemed to be okay. I got ready and came in to work. I starting sipping on an Atkins shake and it seems to be going down, slowly, and in very small sips but it is going down. What a great feeling.

I think that I am going to stay on liquids through the weekend, just to make sure that all is okay.

This band is a wonderful thing, but it definitely takes some tweaking for me to figure it all out.

So, I am so happy with how far I have come so far. I have lost 32 pounds since my consultation, they weighted me yesterday. My scale this morning shows another three pounds, but I am not going to count it since it was probably all spit.

On to another great day.

Talk to you later.


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