Monday, March 29, 2010

Last day of food for a while.

This morning I went and had my pre-op lab work done. EKG and blood tests, hopefully that all goes well. The blood work part was a little painful. The nurse tried to get blood out of my right arm but said that my veins kept jumping, so she dug around for a little while, then I had a really bad pain and she said that she had hit my tendon. Youch. She switched to my left arm and had no problem. I now know to start with the left.

Today is my last day of real food for a while. I start the pre-op diet tomorrow. I will be having protein shakes and can have some food in the evening 3 ounces of meat and four ounces of vegetables.

I went to lunch with Karen today and we had Dos. It was my last time with chips and salsa for a very long time.

I am really excited that I am now starting my liquid pre-op diet - it means that I am that much closer to my surgery date.

I also did a video blog today and seeing it made me that much happier that I am going to be getting a new tool to help me lose my weight and keep it off. Man, it was not a pretty sight. Oh well, tomorrow is a new beginning and I am so excited.

Yeah, me. How blessed I am. Thank you to Dr. R. and his staff for giving me this opportunity. I will never be able to repay them for all they are doing for me. I will not waste this opportunity.

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