Monday, February 15, 2010

The shock of winning has worn off a little and I have been reflecting a little bit about what this means to me. After April 20th my life will be so different - well at least parts of it.

At first, food will be a big piece of it because I will have to learn how to eat differently. Small amounts will be it for me. I won't be over eating. I will have to make good choices with the small amount that I will be eating. Protein first, then veggies/fruit and then carbs. And I will be eating only about 1/2 cup of food at a time, so the choices I make will be very important. As most things go, I will have to focus on the changes at first, but later they will become second nature.

I still haven't told everyone I know about the surgery. Isn't it strange, I would prefer to tell strangers about it than friends and family. Strangers (or acquaintances) don't really have a vested interest in me so they don't really have an opinion. Friends and family always have an opinion and sometimes it is not one you want to hear.

I am very excited about this, but worry that friends/family will think that I am taking the easy way out. Although, there is no way that I think that this is the easy way out. There is a lot of change that is going to coming my way. My brother, when I told him was so excited and supportive it was no nice. He couldn't of said nicer things. My sister, Mona, was also great - she is always my biggest cheerleader. Dad and Miss Alice only worry that I will be safe, but isn't that what parents are all about. I love that about them.

Other friends that I have told go straight to dread. Talk about all the bad things that they have "heard". I just explain to them that this is the safest way to go and helps with life-style changes. Again, I tell them that I am happy about this and hope they will support my decision. It's their choice to support me, or their choice not to hear from me. I need support and affirmations not dread and fretting.

My life is so good and I have so many blessings, that I can't believe that I am even getting this opportunity. I will always be so grateful to WHMS and the Illinois Bariatric Surgery Center.

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